Which Insurance Company was Acquired, at What Price in Turkey?

There is a new excitement in the insurance sector with the acquisition of Yapı Kredi Sigorta A.Ş. by Allianz Sigorta A.Ş.

On the one hand, the discussions on Should one invest in this sector? Is it too late to invest? have surfaced again, while on the other hand, we have frequently started to hear rumours about insurance companies who are planning to sell / have started working on selling their operatiıons in Turkey.

So, I wanted to list the figures on insurance company acquisitions which are concentrated around the period 2006/2007.

Şİrket çarpan



  • Life and pension company acquisitions are not included.
  • EURO (EUR) as a currency has been taken into account as at annual average TL conversion rate in which the acquisition took place.
  • I have obtained the figures from several sources; if there is some information that I am not aware of and/or a different figure, I can make the correction when you share the related document/information.
  • The figures in the study are composed of the “initial acquisition prices” of the companies, and do not take into account additional share acquisitions which took place in some cases.
  • In the case of some insurance company acquisition values, their bank distribution agreements have also been effective. The durations and figures in these cases differ from each other.
  • I wıould like to thank Ali Demir for his contribution on this study.