CEO of Life

Actually, what capital providers expects from upper management is for them to make a decision. On paper while this seems rather simple to make a decision, especially the right one, is very difficult.

This is because every decision comes with a “price tag”. Altough these costs, when looked at company level, may seem unimportant, there are some decisions that could lead the company to bankruptcy and could lead to such high costs, that the company would have to terminate it’s activities.That said some decisions could be so beneficial as to spike company earnings.

A manager’s, a company CEO’s, success is measured by the number of accurate decisions and earnings versus the number of wrong decisions. It is for this reason that capital providers, who do not want to put themselves or their companys at risk, will prefer CEOs who have proven themselves in past decision making.This is what we call experience..

Capital providers are ready to pay quite high prices and share profit, especially, with the experienced managers or managers who make accurate decisions.

Close your eyes and imagine how many crossroads that we have come to untill today ?

We are where we are today based on all of our past decisions.The school we have gone to, friends we have chosen, our jobs, our spouses, neighbourhood where we live etc. Aren’t all of these an outcome of the decisions we have made ?

Don’t we try to protect our children from the wrong decisions, we made at the past.
For example, we tell them; be a doctor, never be a soldier, choose a certain spouse etc…

All of the above are based on what experience,do you think ?

Did we make the right decisions? What would have happened if we had taken the road not taken? Would we have been more successfull, happier, heathier, more prosperous ?

Why do we like to watch and listen to successfull,happy and healthy people? Do you ever think if I had made such a decision, I would have achieved these aswell.

What do you think? Do you think we should leave, our important life decisions, to the hands of a CEO. If we think of an experienced CEO, should we choose our CEOs from a poll of happy healthy and prosperous people.

Or, will we able to design softwares that would incorporate all of these experiences. A software which we could ask for an advice when we are at one of the life’s crossroads.What do you think? We could already name it “Decisionbook”.

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