Importance of Direct Communication with Employees

Success or failure of company’s management are affected by more than launching a new vision for the company but bringing that vision into the common vision of all employees.

When a new management team has been created, the investor or board look for a minimum of competence and business experience levels for the candidates.

The management team may carry out this established vision by setting up mission and strategies which embrace all stakeholders. Then they may start to work for realization of it.

The main topic is about ensuring all employees know and deeply understand that vision as it’s. Due to the differences in personal perceptions in the organization, until achievement to last employee in the organization the vision of the company will be under erosion of subjective assessments.

Each employee is the boss of their own business. If nobody informed these bosses about vision, company can be managed in anycase but it will not be reach desired targets.

My recommendation for that is gathering all employees together in the same location, preferably out of city at least once a year. The main part of this meeting would be the CEO meeting which is basicly the presentation of what is the company’s vision and strategic objectives, distirubed by what is to tell the company and its employees.

But I also recommend that, this meeting should be shaped not only pure business but also to seperated on time for entertainment. There is no other more efficient way to make people move towards a truly shared vision in a friendly environement.

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