Is Motor Portfolio Consolidated?

TSRSB has announced the 2012 February results. The non-life market is growing by 16.22%

The motor own damage and motor third party liability portfolio, which has been experiencing profitability problems for years, is also moving in itself. The motor portfolio is being consolidated under the top 4 companies.


While the share of the top 4 companies (Axa, Anadolu, Ak and Güneş) in Motor Third Party Liability was 49.48% in February 2011,

In February 2012, the share of the top 4 companies (Axa, Anadolu, Ak and Groupama) has increased to 52.89%.

This means that more than half of the total production comes from the top 4 companies.

When we look at the weight of the top 2 companies, Axa and Anadolu, in the same line of business;

– While it was 37% in February 2011,

– Their total share increased to 39.87% in February 2012.


The total production of the top 4 companies ((Anadolu, Axa, Ak and Allianz);

– While their share was 50.88% in February 2011,

– Their share increased to 54.13% in February 2012.

The total share of the top 2 companies, Anadolu and Axa, increased from 31.77% to 36.73% in the same period.

What do you think? Is the motor lines in the market going to be consolidated under the top 4, or perhaps the top 2 companies in the near future?

Then, can we say “the competition will be dense for motor lines at the top, and for non-motor lines at lower ranks?”

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