There’s such a large universe waiting to be discovered?

Do you ever think at all? Given how small the planet called Earth seen from Space?

Did you ever think? How much can be important, our daily difficulties, challenges, happiness in the whole Universe?

Deviation of 1 degree around the rotation axis of the Earth generate heating and cooling can change how our daily lives?

I think from time to time.

Despite boom on technology in flowing history we think, there is such a big universe that is not known, seen.

When we look at history, there are many significant events that changes the flow.

The French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, such as two World War.

It seems to me that we live again a Revolution; Social Media Revolution.

For some time, with the Globalization impact in all part of the world, eating and drinking, dressing, living habits had begun to resemble to each other.

Shortly after and perhaps continuation of and complement to Globalization, social media all over the world through the people in contact with other people began to become intense.

In example: How many people in your network from various nationalities through Your LinkedIn, Facebook, +1, Twitter and so on.

Under French Revolution, nationalist movements spread. Under Industrial Revolution, agriculture-industry and rural-urban migration had been happened.

Would it be the case that with existing Social Media Revolution World citizens may meet under other common denominators?

Are we possibly gathering under a new society, geographical structure, political structure?

What about then?

My desire and expectation;

SUCH a large universe that is not being known, seen, not discovered yet by the humanity.

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