We have just started – Sigortadukkanim.com

With its launch, sigortadukkanim.com started a new era in the insurance industry.

-First, while becoming the fun and easy to use interface of insurance with its pleasant visuals and colourful communications, it also provided “real online access” to the policies of many insurance companies with a more functional system infrastructure compared to its peers, introduced “online chat” to the insurance industry, and was the first to bring the concept “Your Space” to the market.

-Opened up a new vision to its followers that communications can also be made in a different way by offering 3 different films in viral environment which have been viewed more than 700.000 times so far.

-Created the most suitable platform for the sports fan products of insurance companies to become widely available, enabling the easiest way for insurers and sports fans to meet.

-Has made it possible for many companies to offer TCIP (Turkish Catastophe Insurance Pool) online for the first time.

-Sent warm messages with a brand new approach to radio audiences by converting a folk song that goes “Ben Seçerim Sigorta da, Sigorta Dükkanım’da…”

-Afterwards, by using modern marketing approaches, made a joint campaign with Turkcell, Turkey’s largest mobile operator, offering insurance products to Turkcell’s customers at convenient prices.

sigortadukkanim.com was the first to create an insurance campaign targeted at individuals directly and communicated to millions of customers with the support of the partnering insurance companies.

Additionally, even before the end of the first week of launching the campaign, the figures reached in insurance production created a very serious base for similar campaigns for the future:

After the SMS messages sent by Turkcell to its customers:

– A policy was sold to 35 of every 100 customers wishing to benefit from the campaign.

– The policy maturities of customers have been recorded to be followed up, which will eventually increase this figure to more than 60%.

– Turkcell customers benefitted from this campaign by getting discounts ranging from TL 96 to TL 508.

Although our campaign has just started, it is already being imitated. It is very nice that others are trying to imitate us even though we firmly believe that success in competition will come from constant innovation, and not from following, imitating.

sigortadukkanim.com has started to make people say “good things are happening in the insurance industry” by its innovative moves.

It has become the followed, not the follower, by its innovative approach.

But, just a reminder: we have just started.

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