Dear Citizens of Ürgüp,

On March 31, we will go to the polls and elect our mayor who will serve our Ürgüp. In the Turkey of the 21st century, we will choose a municipality worthy of the World City Ürgüp, visionary, honest, transparent and working with the Love of Ürgüp. We will decide together what kind of Ürgüp we want to live in.

As your mayoral candidate, I would like to share with you what kind of municipalism approach I will implement in my program.

  1. Ürgüp Again

Ürgüp has recently withdrawn into its own shell, started to lose its qualification as a World City with the thought that we are enough for ourselves, has fallen behind other towns in the field of tourism, which constitutes 80% of the total income of the Cappadocia Region, and has not received a sufficient share of the region’s tourism income; I promise to transform it into a world city “again” and to receive a much higher share of tourism revenues, and I aim to increase the income and welfare of all Ürgüp residents with increased tourism revenues.

  1. Tolerant and Respectful Municipality

Respecting the lifestyles, values and identities of all Ürgüp residents; I promise to present a tolerant administration that does not alienate anyone and only finds common ground in Ürgüp.

  1. Municipality Focused on Target Sectors

I promise a municipality that focuses on developing Ürgüp in every aspect, with commissions that will focus not only on tourism but also on agriculture, trade, industry, education and sectors that will add value to Ürgüp. I will leave the job to the experts and we will develop Ürgüp with teamwork.

  1. Municipality that will make Ürgüp a Center of Attraction not only in our Country but also in the World

We will add a unique sign of Ürgüp to the different tourism attraction points created by the surrounding towns. Our target will not only be local and foreign tourists. We will be a reverse migration center for all our citizens who will develop our city, especially the people of Ürgüp. Our young people will not want to migrate to big cities, they will prefer to stay in our city.

  1. Productive Municipality

With a holistic approach, we aim to simultaneously implement many projects that, on the one hand, produce quick solutions to the basic problems of Ürgüp, such as transportation, parking, treatment facility and moving the terminal to new areas, and on the other hand, reveal the cultural riches of our city and make them available to us, the people of Ürgüp, and tourists. I aim to make Ürgüp a city that is easy to live in, with pleasure, and that one is eager to visit again. I am looking forward to sharing my projects with you during the selection process.

  1. Innovative, Smart and Sustainable Municipality

I aim to be a municipality that implements innovations and smart technologies without betraying the nature and cultural heritage of our city. I will work not only with the Ürgüp vision but also with the World vision.

  1. Municipalism that Protects the Cultural Texture and Nature of the City

While protecting our Cultural Texture, on the other hand, it protects the rights and comfort of not only the people of Ürgüp, but also all lives in Ürgüp, where our children play in parks and green areas; I aim for Ürgüp, which is planned, clean and where we can breathe.

  1. Municipalism that Provides Social Justice

I will work with a municipality approach that provides social assistance and positive discrimination to all our disadvantaged citizens, especially our special children, disabled people and the elderly, in a manner befitting human dignity.

  1. Municipality Developing Culture, Art and Sports

I promise a municipality that allows Ürgüp residents to easily access cultural and artistic events and sports activities, and makes Ürgüp a city that hosts many national and international concerts, festivals, art and sports events.

  1. Municipality That Makes You Smile

I want us to remember again the joy, fun and hope that we have forgotten. I promise to work hard to make a happy and smiling city where all Ürgüp residents, including women, men, children, retirees, workers, civil servants, tradesmen, industrialists, farmers, entrepreneurs and students, live happily and peacefully together.


In summary, I say Ürgüp Again.

Kind regards,

Ali Ertuğrul BUL



  1. It’s clear! Ürgüp needs a dynamic mayor like you.
    I wish you a great success and hope to see you as a winner of the March 24 elections.

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