It’s About Time – Insurance Direct

Before 2012 is over, and less than a year after my blog post titles “Is Insurance Direct Coming to Turkey?”, I found out that Aviva Sigorta made a silent entry into the direct market through its web site “Artiksirasende“.

  • The site is beautiful in terms of colour and design. The transactions are easily explained through animation, the widespread marketing tool of the internet world.
  • The expectations of internet users regarding “being rewarded however small” is being fulfilled.
  • They are trying to market motor own damage and MTPL policies together and those who buy motor own damage policy online will get a 5% discount if they also buy the MTPL policy online.

It’s brand new and there are areas still to be further developed.

Example: The system is still not a fast-flow process for the end-user. I believe that developments are needed especially in the proposal page by close monitoring of user experience.

My favourite feature: The freedom of the user to design the motor own damage policy according to his/her needs

What I wonder; whether the motor own damage policy content and price is different from that of what the agency sells.

However, in any case, I congratulate and wish all the luck to the management of Aviva Sigorta who have shown the courage of bringing Direct to Turkey in a real sense.

One company was going to lead the bringing of Insurance Direct to Turkey. I think that the other players will be faster and braver to head towards the direct market from now on.

It is best to investigate “how to become a part of this new world” for all the players – not trying in vain to stop the process.

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