“Bourne Theory” Stars Should Not Wear Iwc Pilot Top-Gun, Because It Is Broken

After I posted my article  “Do Not Buy Iwc Pilot Top-Gun Because It is Broken” in my personal blog, one of my readers gave me the name of an authorized person from Schaffhausen and we have started a discussion about my complaint on my broken Top-Gun seramique watch. I’d like to thank  him as he shows extra effort to solve my problem. But I think he will not be able to solve it.

In order to understand that it is not my fault but it is Iwc’s product’s defect he recommended me to give my broken watch again  to their service. This will be the second time that I will send it to service. First investigation had taken nearly two months and their comment about my broken watch was that “ the damage was due to an impact which is not covered by warranty.”

I am a white color, office worker, an insurance proffessional and I have more than10 watches and I use them in a circulation. Only Iwc Pilot Top-Gun with seramique parts was broken without any spesific incident.

One of my favorite movie series is Bourne Theory. And when I started to watch last Bourne movie which is “Bourne Legacy”, I saw a scene that schocked me. Last Bourne star was wearing  Iwc Pilot Top-Gun when he was on wild nature.

I learnt in my experience that Iwc Pilot Top-Gun can be broken even at office. How it may show resistance to mountains and hard natural environment?

Doesn’t it decrease the reality of the Bourne stars roles at the movie?

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