The Bank that says “I’m in Digital Insurance too!”

We are observing with excitement the entry of one digital distribution channel after another into the world of digital insurance in the recent days.

Direct insurance companies, brokers, agencies, insurance portals. And now, a Bank has carried its insurance activities to the digital space.

Aktif Bank has launched a web site called 

Aktif Bank is a bank that makes successful use of alternative distribution channels in banking. Instead of increasing the number of its physical branches, they create successful applications of alternative distribution channel solutions.

They have now added “alternative insurance” to their differentiated approaches.

In the website;

      • The products are offered under the headings MTPL, Motor Own Damage, TCPI, Home, Personal Accident, Emergency Health, and Special Products for You.
      • The Customer Value Offer is very clear:

                                         -Best price,
                                        -Anytime, anywhere,
                                        -7/24 Customer Support,
                                        -Claim Support Service,

      • They work with 9 insurance companies.
      • As far as I could see, it was designed as an online web service only – they aim to provide service also through Post Offices and through different locations with the help of the Business Partnership Program.
      • The website is designed as a bright, easy to understand and one that requires little information exchange.

On the other hand;

    • The presentation stile that is favored by the digital world, such as animation or a sympathetic character that carries “humor”, was not used. It looks a little distant from the “in“s of the digital world at first glance.
    • It is a curious matter how they will bring together the current insurance legislation and the “Business Partnership” program. I hope they will be successful in this respect and contribute to the expansion of the insurance pie to the base.
    • “Neova Sigorta”, which is used as an example under the heading “How Do I Get Insured”, is not one of the insurance companies that is listed on the main page.
    • However, I believe they will be making many improvements in time as the site is brand new at the moment.

I wish all the success to Aktif Bank and the team who have opened a new page in insurance.

I may not have an objective view in this, but, I believe that is still number one among the alternatives in terms of reflecting the colours of the retail world and customer point of view into its processes.

Let’s see what innovations will come up in the digital world in the coming days.

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