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It has not been long since we introduced SAĞLAM TAPU (Clear Title). Now, we are about to launch a brand new service. 

SAĞLAM TAPU, our service that aims to fulfill the needs of retail customers at Land Offices through our extensive lawyer network, will start to work together with CMB (Capital Market Board) -licensed Real Estate Assessment companies. Through our new service that we have named TAŞINMAZ RİSK ANALİZİ (Property Risk Analysis), we came one step closer to our goal of positioning SAĞLAM TAPU as a portal, where all products and services needed by anyone who will acquire a real estate are offered. 

SAĞLAM TAPU will satisfy the needs of the customer, who never made a real estate transaction, but also is aware of the fact that working with a professional will significantly decrease the related risks, through a technical analysis of the real estate with its new service TAŞINMAZ RİSK ANALİZİ. 

SAĞLAM TAPU is a customer oriented consultancy service that controls the transactions before, during and after obtaining certificate of ownership through SAĞLAM TAPU experts. TAŞINMAZ RİSK ANALİZİ, on the other hand, is a new service that offer information about housing and settlement plans, real estate projects and similar topics through CMB-licensed real estate assessment companies. Because we do not wish to be involved in the commercial relationship between the buyer and seller, we offer a study that summarizes location confirmation of the real estate, whether there is a risk of swap, construction conditions, conformity with project, physical condition, and other positive and negative traits of the real estate, without any valuation, through TAŞINMAZ RİSK ANALİZİ. 

When a customer applies to a bank for a mortgage loan, an assessment report about the real estate is prepared; at the time of establishing a mortgage on the real estate, some other control mechanisms are initiated. The bank, in order to collateralize its loan, therefore, indirectly offers some other services to its clients. Conversely, if there is no mortgage loan involved in the transacion, the process progresses more according to the goodwill of the parties involved. 

SAĞLAM TAPU starts with the examination of the registration of the real estate at the land registry office, and continues with the informing of the client through SMS, e-mail and telephone. After the start of the registration process, while the documentation is checked for conformity with the land registry and the will of the customer, it is also targeted to make the registry procedure easily understandable by explaining all the limitations on the registration and related risks to the customer. Through TAŞINMAZ RİSK ANALİZİ, this content is expanded. Through the reports prepared by the support of the CMB (Capital Market Board) -licensed real estate assessment companies after detailed project examinations at the municipalities and land registry offices, you will know for sure if the house you liked is really the house you are buying. In short, the specialist help you seeking, exists under SAĞLAM TAPU as double specialist help under a single product in SAĞLAM TAPU. 

You can call our Call Center (0850 273 23 23) for detailed information and the services offered through SAĞLAM TAPU. 

I recommend those that wish to understand better our product that did not exist in the market before to watch our teaser. Don’t forget to follow SAĞLAM TAPU on social media for fun content: 

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